Weight loss Ketogenic Diet My Kilos Are Dripping Away

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Weight loss Ketogenic Diet My Kilos Are Dripping Away

Let’s talk about weight loss ketogenic diet. I will add a few points about me in this post, but it is generally about you!

I am not a writer so bear with me as we go through why I started the keto diet and just maybe why you should give it a go. What have we got to lose? It is a free way to lose weigmy ketogenic dietht.

Of course, I do not know how old you are, but it does not really matter. The point is we have the desire to lose weight. That is a great mindset.

Mindset just fell into my head. What I mean is you are feed up with being fat, overweight and not at ease with yourself. No, I am not calling you fat but maybe you are! You see I know I am, and I want to change that.  (1)

That is my reason for starting this Blog about the weight loss ketogenic diet better known as keto diet. Are you feeling the same way as me? Had enough and want to get rid of some wobbly pounds or kilos hanging in front of you?

Great then we are on the same level, who gives a shit we just know that we want to get rid of the fat, right?weight loss

I do hope you leave a comment below this post, Afterall we are all in the same boat and mine was sinking. Maybe 3 or four of us could sink a ship. (Joke) We must laugh now and again or not?

If you are not prepared to read on, then go and read my post about: A Detailed Look at a Low Carb Diet: The Ketogenic Diet. It took me 3 months to get the info for you, so I do hope you appreciate it. You can also post what you want right there. (2)

No worries this is not going to be a long drawn out never get to the point message about the ketogenic diet. We will get a straight and easy way to start a weight loss ketogenic diet.weight loss tips

  1. Stop eating bread, put it in the bin!
  2. Pasta, throw it away or give it to a friend that you do not like.
  3. Stick the potatoes in the fire, they do burn after a while.

I am sticking to these 3 easy points to follow, and the kilos are dripping off me! Don’t get me wrong. I have researched the weight loss ketogenic diet and that is the conclusion that I have come to.

We are all not looking for a hard way to shred the pounds but a logical way that many others have done and are doing. You know the best part about it is, it’s free.

No products to buy, no weight watchers’ meetings, just buy the right keto products in your very own supermarket. I have started going keto. Only a few weeks as of today. I love it. (3)

ketogenic dietMy brain has not gone high wire, I am not feeling hungry, my wife still loves me so where is the problem, get on it today.

On my post about the weight loss ketogenic diet you will get the jest of what you need to do, but do me a favor, stay happy and it will work for you the same as it is working for me.

I did say at the beginning you will hear a bit about me! So here we go, 55 years old, weight 135 kilos (was) pounds you can work out yourself. After one week of keto stuff, 12 kilos.

I am happy and not hungry, and my wife is also joining me, she wants to get rid of some fat just like me.

Go and read my post for you people that want to start the ketogenic diet. Here is the link again.  A Detailed Look at a Low Carb Diet: The Ketogenic Diet.

Well, it was great having a short chat about losing weight, go for it start as soon as you can and let me know the results. Go keto and never look back.

By the way, you can find me on Facebook, just look for Trevor McCallin, if you wish. (4)

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At the moment I am living in Germany not far away from the Harz Mountains. I decided to make this Keto Dieting Tips Blog helping others getting started with the Ketogenic Diet. It also helps me keep track of my own personal keto success. I hope you enjoy my Keto Blog.
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