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Modern Day Diet Approach with No Carb Low Carb Dieting

Does the No Carb Diet - Low Carb Diet Fit in With Today’s Weight Loss Approach?

Let´s talk about the no carb diet. There are many different health concerns that many people must deal with. One that is common is obesity and being overweight and how to handle and deal with this. There are many conflicting opinions, theories, and resources on how to handle and manage your weight as well as how to lose weight.

There are no carb diet, a high carb diet, a raw diet or a vegetarian diet, and the list goes on. While this is a long list, the consensus is that there are about nine diets that have thrown what is known as diet experts into controversy.

It is no wonder that if those who specialize in dieting are going to be at odds as to what works and doesn’t then the average person who is struggling with the weight loss is going to be at a loss as to where to start with their diet efforts.

The Diet Mindset

The different approaches that people must take in life are forever changing. These approaches can also apply to diet. These approaches are often instigated according to what the latest diet fads may be, or what some new technology is creating. The type of technology that is said to aid with shedding those extra pounds.

Sometimes new approaches to low carb meals surface. When this does happen sometimes this gets dubbed as a fad. Then suddenly there is a wave of new low carb recipes. The low carb diet is used here as an example because for many they have discovered that this is the one diet that brought them the best results compared to some of the others they have tried that didn’t work the way they expected.

Another approach that is not considered to be a new one is that which includes the speed in which one can shed those unwanted pounds. Being overweight comes with a whole gambit of side effects and ones that many people want to put behind them. Appearance runs a close second when it comes to worries about being overweight. The list of the side effects of unwanted fat is;

  • Too much weight can affect one’s health.
  • Those extra pounds no matter whether a few or many have an overall impact on one’s appearance.

These combined can have a real adverse effect on one’s mental health.

Being overweight forces those who want to do something about it into having to make many hard to reach decisions. Deciding to go on any diet no matter whether it is a low carb diet or not means extra work, extra time, additional planning extra costs.

So, the diet mindset of today helps to recognise some of the challenges that come with dieting. Many are not new challenges but just ones that people are becoming more aware. Which is a good thing because this is now forcing people into becoming more educated about diets like the no carb diet.

Is it a No Carb Diet or a Low Carb Diet?

Low Carb Diet steakThe simple answer is that it can be both. One can opt to go with the no carb diet which means all carbohydrate is going to get eliminated from the diet. The alternative being the low carb diet which means the intake of the carbohydrates will be minimal. Many that are going to opt for the keto diet will become borderline with their carb intake trying to keep it to the minimum, while fewer will go with an attempt to remove them from the diet entirely.

The objective of using the keto diet is to help shed those excess pounds by making the body burn the excess fat, in as quick a time as possible. While this sounds like the right plan and it is for many the big challenge that comes with it means doing it in such a way that those living on the keto diet are going to get all the necessary nutrition they need to keep their body in a healthy state while going through the dieting stage.

Is There a Common-Sense Approach to the Low Carb Diet?

There are lots of different reasons why a no carb diet may not work for some. However, when many look back as to why this diet may have failed for them a lot will indicate that they did not use a common-sense approach to the no carb diet.

The Common Sense No Carb Diet Approach

With dieters becoming more informed as to why a diet like the no carb or low carb diet is an excellent choice it is allowing them to apply more common sense to the way that they go about implementing this diet into their lifestyle.

It is not just about what low carb foods they are going to consume. It includes becoming savvy about preparing low carb meals and growing creative at creating low carb recipes. Each of these should be looked at as courses of action that will help one get started on the no carb diet, stick with it, and prepare for the results with the end in sight being able to enjoy their new slim trim and much healthier bodies. The following can be considered as a blueprint for the no carb diet that has the foundation of a common-sense approach to the no carb diet.

  • The Timing: The concept behind the no carb diet working is to get the body to stabilize with the way the blood sugar levels react in the body. Not only do the types of foods being consumed have an impact on this but the time in which they are eaten and how plays a significant role in this. For example, blood sugar levels can fluctuate before exercise, during it or after it.
  • Know Where You Are: Most people that are dealing with extra weight are their own worst critics. They see themselves as being much more overweight than what they are. They do not know what their body fat levels are or what is optimum for them. Body fat is something that should be determined as it will help them to set realistic goals for the progress of weight loss.
  • Learn What the Low Carb Foods Are: There are two approaches that you can take with the no carb diet when it comes to what you need to learn. You can focus on the foods that you need to avoid like the processed foods. Alternatively, you can put your attention on concentrating on the foods that you can enjoy. For most, the more positive experience is focusing on the low carb foods because you are telling yourself what you can look forward to for the next meal instead of what you can’t have.
  • Becoming the Low Carb Chef: Most likely you are going to become the one who is going to be the meal preparer. As such,  it means you are now going to have to get yourself organized. Which means taking this four-step  approach of:
  • Becoming familiar with the low carb foods
  • Choosing some appealing low carb recipes
  • Developing low carb meal plans based on these recipes
  • Shopping for the low carb foods

This process should be followed in this order because it is based on a common-sense approach. Which means less frustration and will bring you the self-satisfaction of being organized which creates a positive mindset for your new no carb diet approach.

Step One: Zeroing in on the Low Carb Foods

low carb foodsIt would be best if you were starting with step one full of enthusiasm provided you understand that the no carb diet is a good choice. Which means the hard part of learning with low carb foods are the ones you need to rely on will not be such a chore.

Before becoming too intense on determining which foods have no carbs and those that are low carbs focus on the low carb foods first. This way you will not become overwhelmed and end up with too many limited choices. Just because you are opting for a no carb diet doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy your food.

The Almost Zero Food Choices are a variety of meats as well as eggs. The meats you can enjoy are:

  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Chicken
  • Pork and usually most types of bacon
  • Jerky
  • Turkey
  • Veal
  • Venison and Bison
  • A variety of fish that includes salmon, sardines

Looking at the Low Carb Foods

The no carb list is full of plenty of choices now you can expand upon this list with the low carb foods to add variety to your preferences. Included in this will be additions types of low carb fish as well as seafood. This list can be quite extensive so to save time to review your favorites in this food type to find out how many grams of carbs a serving would give you.

  • The Veggies

Moving on to the veggies to compliment your meat choices is the next phase of choosing your low carb foods. At first, you may think this is going to be a little daunting because of the options. However, many of the veggies are low carb foods, and you can quickly categorize these. The carbs that contain much fiber like the leafy greens and the cruciferous veggies are usually lower in carbs. Those that are high in starch are the ones you want to avoid. Once you separate these two types of veggies, then you can focus on them and determine the grams of carbs that the low carb foods in the veggie category will contain. For example, you will discover that tomatoes are more moderate in carbs at around 4% while onions can come in at about 9%.

  • The Fruits

Fruit is a potential culprit when it comes to losing weight and implementing the low carb diet. Most of the fruits are naturally high in carbs. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be wholly eliminated if your focus is remaining on the low carb meals approach. What it does say is using them as a replacement but again keeping the focus on the choice, how to prepare them and when to consume them.  Berries that are low in sugar are a good choice.

  • The Extended Low Carb Foods List

There is more to great low carb meals than meat, veggies, and fruits. The list is extended to

dairy products such as those that are full fat are low in carbs but beware of additives like sugar. Cheese lovers are most pleased to learn this can be consumed in the low carb food plan. Creams, fats, and oils can be considered as they can vary in the carbs. However, more attention must be given to the types chosen as they can change quite a bit in the number of carbs they contain even though considered to be low and with the fats and oils many are found to be zero carbs. The same applies to nuts and lentils, along with different foods such as beverages and what many consider as the forbidden chocolate. Except dark chocolate can be used as low carb indulgent.

Step Two: Choosing Some Appealing Low Carb Recipes

low carb recipesOnce you become comfortable with knowing which of the low carb foods that you must choose. You can make a list of these. Then maybe break them down into three categories.

  • The ones that are your favorites
  • The ones that you enjoy on an average
  • The ones that you can tolerate but only on occasion

These can now become your guideline for choosing low carb recipes. This is your starting point, but when choosing low carb recipes, there are other things to factor in. You want to choose ones that are going to fit in with the amount of time that you can devote to your low carb meals. Also, dieting can be expensive, so if you are on a food budget, you will want to keep this in mind as well when choosing recipes. For example, some meats are more expensive than others as well as oils and other types of food.

An excellent example of being successful at this step or phase of the keto diet is to proceed as follows:

  1. If time is the issue, then choose a recipe that contains a low carb food that cooks quickly. If the low carb recipes include veggies that take longer to cook, then substitute these with another one from the low carb foods list that you know will cook faster.
  1. If the cost factor is an issue, there are plenty of foods on the list that you should be able to find at lower prices.

One thing to keep in mind is when choosing your recipes, in the beginning, to try an focus on those that contain many your favorites. If you start on a no carb diet or low carb diet this way, you are more likely to stick with it.

Step Three: The Low Carb Meal Plans

This may be a little time consuming, but there are some quick and easy steps to reduce the time spent on this with some simple organization. When going through the low carb recipes choose enough of them to cover at least a three-day period including the three meals a day. This saves time and allows you to become more diversified in your recipes choices. This now becomes your meal plan for a three-day period. As you become more comfortable with this, you can extend the plan to a five-day plan or even a seven-day plan.

When you map your low carb, meal plans out it allows you to quickly see at a glance what you will be consuming. It can also work as a checklist to ensure that you have balanced the low carb foods so that you are getting all your other nutrients.

Step Four: Shopping for The Low Carb Foods

The fourth and final step to get yourself set up for your keto diet which is just the beginning of your weight loss feel-good journey. It is a big step and not one that should be looked at as a task but because of the commitment that you have made and followed through with the previous three steps.

At first, these steps will be exciting because you are embarking on something new, but because they are repetitive, you may soon become bored. To avoid this try adding some additional approaches.

You can start focusing on doing actual counts of carbs and use this to set goals for your low carb meals.

You can start looking for bargains on the foods that are included in your low carb recipes.

Also, you can take it a step further, and begin to experiment with some of the recipes you have found and customize them while staying in the perimeters of the keto diet.

Hopefully, the tips and suggestions that have been offered here are going to lead you to the right way of making the keto diet work for you.

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